Executive Offices of New York is a shared co-working and private office rental space located in Midtown Manhattan. We provide high-quality and affordable long-term or temporary offices, conference spaces, meeting rooms, and even virtual offices with a prestigious Midtown address for startups and small businesses.

Located on 7th Avenue, just steps away from Penn Station, Executive Offices of New York offers a great location as well as an awesome work space.

In an area where it is difficult to find office space that is both affordable and great-quality, Executive Offices of New York offers a solution. We work closely with Real Estate Brokers throughout all of New York City, offering deals to fulfill office space needs anywhere between 100 and 1000 square feet.

Here’s how we can benefit you:


Our Commission

Executive Offices of New York offers a 10% commission on monthly rent revenue for up to 12 months to real estate brokers who refer their clients to us. Plus, if a client signs a license agreement or lease for less than 12 months, we will still compensate the broker for up to 12 months if the client stays with us.

We Offer a Quick Close

EONY makes the whole licensing process quick and easy by closing right away. Not only that, but brokers will receive their full fee payment within just 14 days of the signing of a license agreement with a client, and clients can move in right away!

We Utilize a Standard Agreement Plan

With the standard agreement plan that we offer, clients are able to acquire an office space in absolutely no time. Our process allows them to review and sign a contract quickly and without any hassle.

We Offer Flexible Terms

Our terms and office options are flexible, whether it be for the amount of time the client needs an office space or the amount of space that client needs.

Our Membership Plans

We offer full-time offices, virtual offices, day offices, and more! Click here to find out more about our membership plans for office suites. Each membership plan begins the date that the client signs up, no matter what day of the month it is. If it’s not the first, we just prorate the first month’s rent, and then begin regular billing at the beginning of the following month.

Involvement in the Rental Process

We welcome real-estate brokers’ involvement in the office space rental process, and we will never reach out to a client without first acquiring permission from the broker. As a real-estate broker, you are welcome to request a copy of our license agreement and to be our main point of contact until an agreement with the client is fully executed.

Contact Us Today!

The EONY staff is on site from 9:00-5:30 Monday through Friday. Give us a call today to get your clients the office space they’ve been looking for.