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What To Look For in an Office Space

Looking for an office space that best fits your business can often be tedious and time consuming. Here are a few qualities that all good offices should possess to be the best option for a person’s business. 1.     Location is a key factor that goes into an office space. What surrounds the office space affects many people’s choices when it comes …

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Referral Rewards Program

We want more colleagues like you, that’s why we’re reintroducing our referral rewards program. As a token of our appreciation,our referral program rewards EONY members with $600 per referral, provided that the referred client signs for a minimum of 4 months.There are no limits to the number of referral bonuses, our members can acquire. Executive Offices of New York is …


Traits of A Successful Entrepreneur

The first key step in being a successful entrepreneur is patience. Nine times out of ten businesses are likely to fail within their beginning years due to financial collapse. People tend to give up when immediate results don’t occur. However, great entrepreneurs will endure long hours and zero profit before any real success begins to show. Step-by-step minded entrepreneurs set …

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 Fresh Business Resolutions for 2017

1. Plan ahead   There is no better way of attaining a clearer objective than by planning ahead. Setting your priorities with a plan keeps you from focusing on what may appear pressing at the moment and instead directs your concentration to an organized strategy for success; moreover, is a sure method to prevent forgetfulness. However, perhaps the most important …

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4 Different Ways to Decrease the Commute to Work

1. If possible, live closer to where your office is located. Although at times that may seem out of reach and hard to do, it comes in handy when you have to commute every day to work. If you can’t move your whole family and all your possessions, then try and rent an apartment for a reasonable price near your …

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THE KEY TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION….BEING A GOOD LISTENER Listening , really listening is not that simple or natural. You can be a good talker and have great things and ideas to share but you may notice that it takes an effort to get your point across, or get the attention of others to focus and really listen to what you …


Evaluating your budget

A working business man should have a detailed business plan that can project expenses over a span of a few years. This plan can tell you how your business is doing currently and projections for how it will look in the future. Here’s some quick and easy tips on how an individual can evaluate one’s budget. 1. Calculate your income- …

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5 Hidden Benefits of Having an Office Space.

  The benefits of renting an office go a long way further than a consumer perception. Here are 5 hidden benefits of renting. 1. Less Distractions Working in an office means separating office work from housework. It also means freeing yourself from the TV, fridge, kids, pets, etc. Which may distract you from getting work done. Furthermore having, a set …

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3rd Annual Holiday Event. Save the date.

Executive Offices of New York is proud to present our 3rd annual holiday event!! It will be held on Thursday December 22, from 5-7 PM . Our third annual event will have food and drinks for our members and their guests. It is a great opportunity to take a break from work and network with EONY members.